Thursday, January 12, 2006

Inspiring Words

Just read Molly Ivins' latest article. Most of it is an entertaining look at Texas Education Politics, but the last two paragraphs are particularly inspiring.
On the general subject of political corruption, do not fall into the fatal error of cynicism. You do your country a great disservice by saying things like: "Eh, they're all crooks. Nothing anyone can do about it. Money will always find a way."

The answer is perpetual reform. Fix it, and if corruption comes back again, you just whack back at it again. The system as it is encourages corruption and must be changed. Public campaign financing is the best answer in the long-term -- all this "lobby reform" talk is hopelessly inadequate. Hang in, and raise hell -- this is a heaven-sent opportunity to clean it up. Don't blow the chance with cheap cynicism.
Yep. I get frustrating reading arguments that the Republicans have everything under control, and we can't really do anything about them. The truth is they are dramatically over extended, and they show no sign of changing course.

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