Thursday, January 12, 2006

Optimism, Delusion, Abhorrence

I'm in kind of a good mood this morning (despite having a really disturbing dream), largely because I acquired LCD Soundsystems eponymously named first album. It's very good. So I thought I would risk reading the latest Ann Coulter column.
It doesn't matter. Liberals are being routed. They can change the lineup, the manager, the coach, but the losing streak never ends. By and large, Republicans aren't even bothering to send in their A team anymore. Alito can start wearing his iPod to the hearings. By the end of the hearings, he'll be addressing the senators as "dude."
Actually this is kind of heartening. It's nice to know that after a year of republican failures and snafus, Ann can't see anything but blue skies ahead. Her blind hatred of Democrats (key word, blind) makes her unable to see the vastly improved position of the party.

I will say that Ann does have one point; the Democrats may be focusing too much on Abortion in the debates. I understand that is an important issue, but it's also an old issue. Everybody knows what they think about abortion and everybody knows what we think about a woman's right to choose. This argument isn't going to move anybody. I would rather see the Democrats focus on his beliefs about the power of the executive branch to, say, perform warrentless wiretaps on whoever they want. Because that's something new, and an area where we have a better chance of convincing people.

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