Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Your Weekly Rush - The Perils of Restraint

Limbaugh is enjoying the McChrystal storyline, and it's inspired him to come up with a way to attack those military leaders who support Obama. Apparently there are corporate generals (who only care about promotion and who will support Obama) and warrior generals (like McChrystal, who won't support Obama). That will come in handy. He then mocks the idea that soldiers should avoid killing civilians.
The medal will be yellow, and this is somebody who gets a medal for not firing their weapon because civilians might be killed. And, of course, this enemy happens to put civilians in front of them at every place they happen to be, even on the battlefield or in a village, town or, or what have you.
I wonder how Limbaugh would feel about cops opening fire on a criminal who took a hostage, killing the hostage in the process. Presumably he'd be ok with it.

Oh - and just in case you forgot what kind of sexist our buddy Rush is.
. . . there is another way to differentiate generals and actually people in general. There are womanly words and there are manly deeds. It is pretty clear which category McChrystal falls into, and also pretty clear which category fits Obama. Womanly words and manly deeds.
Yep. Class act all the way.

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