Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dennis Prager and the New Dark Age

Dennis Prager's latest article is about the Gaza incident, in which he reviews all the mean things people are saying about Israel and replying that he hopes they are right. Among other things, apparently the media believes Israel should have let it's soldiers get beaten to death rather than defend itself. I personally think that perhaps, the media believes that Israel shouldn't have dropped it's troops on a ship in international waters.
The reason mankind has to hope that the world, its leaders, its newspapers, its so-called human rights organizations and the United Nations are right about Israel is quite simple: If Israel is the decent party in its war with the Palestinian Authority and Hamas -- and nearly all the world's countries, nearly all the world's media and the United Nations are morally wrong -- what hope is there for humanity? If the world's moral compass is that broken, are we not sailing into a dark age?
This goes back to Pragers simplistic black and white way of looking at the world. Either Israel is completely guilty or completely innocent. And since Prager has already determined Israel to be the good guys, he can't look at the Palestinians issues with anything approaching empathy. The Palestinians, to Prager and many other on the right, are nothing but animals, undeserving of even the modest kindnesses that Israel has given them, fully deserving their repression.


Anonymous said...

Look at the picture again. You seem to be seeing things in black and white, but for you the victims are the Palestinians.

Don't you feel yourself saying, "Of course, they are the victims?"

The passengers on the Flotilla - whether they agreed with the legal decision or not - knew that Israel believed it had an internationally legal maritime blockade. Given that understanding, they could easily deduce that their going into Intenational Waters to break the blockade would be understood as an act of war.
Israel alerted them that they should dock at Ashdod or that the marines would have to come on board.
The passengers chose to refuse Israel's kind offer, and then prepared themselves to attack the soldiers.
The passengers also had a lot of unmarked bills ready to pay Hamas employees. Given that Hamas is on the U.S. treasury's terrorist list, this is an act of treason by the American passengers.

Bryant said...

Going into international waters as an act of war? Israel killed ten civilians and you seem determined to paint them as victims. Their actions in this matter were both stupid and criminal.

Also the line about unmarked bills seems nonsensical, and without a source I don't buy it.

The recognized government of Palestine is Hamas - they won the election.