Thursday, June 03, 2010

Contrasting Views

Who is responsible for this serious downward spiral in the Mideast? Who else? When the Obama administration spends its first year “extending an open hand” to the murderous mullahs in Tehran, and when it fails to do anything meaningful to stop Iran’s march to nuclear weapons, when the administration stiff-arms the Israelis, and treats Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu like a pariah for building apartments for Jews in the capital of the Jewish state, the wolves of jihad gather. They scent blood. Will this be one more chapter in the lamentable story of how weak and irresolute leadership leads us into war?

We must pray it doesn’t happen.
Ken Blackwell, "Will Our Peace Prizewinner Lead Us Into a New War?"
What we witnessed in the early hours of Monday morning was symptomatic of a new degree of fatigue in Israeli governing circles. The fact that both the political and the military authorities could sign off on such an irresponsible operation suggests that the leadership of the country has given up what it has concluded is ultimately a Sisyphean attempt to accommodate world opinion. Isolation is no longer a threat to be fought, their thinking seems to go, because Israel is terminally isolated. What remains is to concentrate exclusively on what is best for Israel's survival, shedding any regard for the opinion of others.

. . . Israel's fatigue and deep sense of ostracism is, to say the least, unhealthy.
Ronen Bergman, as quoted by Joe Conason.

I find the latter more plausible, but presumably Ken Blackwell would read that as just more evidence that we should be behind Israel, no matter how recklessly they act.

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