Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Extinction Event

Dougles MacKinnon's latest article is a bit over the top.
Beyond liberal judicial activism and the propagandists for the far-left in the media, our welfare, security, and very existence are being threatened by elected officials from both sides of the aisle who see the rapidly descending blade and purposefully ignore it as they suicidally focus on their own selfish needs.

Were it not for the fact they are about to take the rest of us with them, their extinction would be a welcome relief.
I wonder how many on the right side of the aisle MacKinnon really believes deserve extinction. Probably just a few of the more liberal Republicans.

What's bizarre is how MacKinnon (and many other Republicanoids to be fair) can basically call for the extinction of their political enemies and then act like the aggrieved parties (MacKinnon's larger point is that Abraham Lincoln would be shut down by the PC Police if he were around today). But truthfully we should all be used to that by now; once you can believe that White American males are the most oppressed class in America, you can believe anything.

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