Thursday, June 24, 2010

News From the Past - June 24, 1930

This is from the Milwaukee Sentinel for Tuesday June 24, 1930.
Plane Restores Eyesight Lost By Mule's Kick

DU QUOIN, Ill., June 23 - (AP) - Walter Wyatt of Du Quoin claims the distinction of being the first to regain the sight of an eye as a result of an airplane flight. Eighteen years ago Wyatt was kicked by a mule and lost the sight of his right eye. Last week he went by plane to Big Sandy, Tenn. On the trip, Wyatt said, the pilot did "a few fancy loops" which restored his vision.
Physicians have pronounced the eye normal but are at a loss to account for the restoration.
Yeah I'm kind of at a loss too, but then I'm not a pilot or an optometrist.

You just have to assume those were some really fancy loops.

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