Friday, June 25, 2010

Depressing but Perhaps Accurate

Ted Rall's latest article is about how bad things are for most Americans and how little we seem to be able to do to fix things.
The great mass of Americans works longer hours for less pay. Until, inevitably, they get "laid off." Is there a working- or middle-class American who hasn't lost his job or been close to someone who got fired during the last few years? Even in 2009, when global capitalism entered its final crisis and millions of Americans were losing their homes to the same banks their taxes were paying to bail out, the world's richest people--those with disposable wealth over $30 million--saw their assets soar by 21.5 percent.

Go ahead, little leftie: smash the windows at Starbucks in Seattle. It won't stop transnational corporations from raping the planet and exploiting you. Enjoy your Tea Party, little rightie. It sure is cute, listening to you talk about the wee Constitution. "Your" government and the companies that own "your" leaders have your number.
Yeah kind of depressing; I knew that Obama would be a middle of the roader, but I had hoped for a bit more progress on the economic front. Instead I find myself depending a staunch corprotist from people accusing him of being a wide eyed radical.

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Dan Coyle said...

Eh, Ted Rall is so nihilistic and downbeat he might as well be writing for Town Hall. He seems to think, as a lot of hard lefties do, that if everyone just gets sad enough, and depressed enough, and self-loathing enough, the revolution will come!

But it never does. We all just sit around feeling sorry for ourselves.