Monday, June 14, 2010

Hi Jacking Christianity

Our national discourse on religion has basically gotten to the point where both parties/movements are claiming that they represent "real" Christianity. Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski have written an article chastising Pelosi for claiming that her politics were inspired by faith.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to follow President Obama’s lead in claiming that God directs her lawmaking, invoking the Bible as her legislative roadmap. If a conservative Republican did this, it would be the top of the news.
That last line is crybaby nonsense. If a Conservative claims to be motivated by the Bible it's strictly a dog-bites-man story. Many Conservatives can't stop claiming divine motivation for their legislative agenda. They then make fun of her for her for claiming the Bible in totally non-sensical ways.
We don’t recall ever reading, “Thou shalt require every person to buy health insurance” or “Thou shalt oppose charter schools and home-schooling” in the Bible. We’d have to rename the Ten Commandments the Twelve Commandments instead.
Yeah but there's no commandments requiring Christians to oppose health care reform or to support charter schools or home-schooling, and yet many Christians invoke their faith when taking their position. So would Blackwell and Klukowski mock these believers? No because they agree with them.
At heart, Conservative Christians have been arguing for years that Christianity is Conservative and that to be a good Christian one needs to support Conservatism. For Blackwell and Klukowski to pretend that it is the Liberals who are the aggressors in this date takes either total cognative dissonance or their just pretending because that's what their fans want to read.

Its clearly the later by the way. Because they alternate between implying that it's immoral to pretend that Christianity belongs to one party or the other and snidely laughing at the liberals pretending to be Christian.

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