Friday, June 11, 2010

Fear the Intellectual

This is the title of Suzanne Fields latest article. I almost don't need to write anything else, but lets get some substance.
Only yesterday to be called an "intellectual' was a compliment. But intellectuals no longer carry much weight in politics, in cultural salons, book clubs or the wider world of ideas.

. . . George Wallace carried four Southern states in 1968, but he's mostly remembered for his memorable description of snobbish East Coast liberals as "pointy-headed intellectuals" who "can't park a bicycle straight."
Wallace is also remembered for "Segregation Forever," I suppose. But that doesn't fit Field narrative, which is to point out that intellectuals, particularly liberal intellectuals, are pro-Islamism. Apparently we have a soft spot for suicide bombers and anti-semitism.

Fields has really gone off the deep end.

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