Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winners and Losers

Rush Limbaugh is also upset about Obama's plan to cut taxes; he's also upset about his plan to help businesses who have suffered losses in the last year.
I'm just telling you up front, these are not tax cuts. This is welfare. The vast majority of the tax cuts are not going to people who either pay taxes or earn a profit in business. The vast majority of the tax cuts are going to go to people that don't pay taxes. It's Joe the Plumber right in front of our face. It's the redistribution of wealth is what's happening with Obama's tax cut plan. "A key provision would allow companies to write off huge losses incurred last year as well as any losses from this year to retroactively reduce tax bills dating back five years. In effect, it would entitle companies to receive cash from the government that they otherwise could not have claimed." Now, that sounds really good, doesn't it? Except what if your company made money? You're not included.

Picking winners and losers.
Yeah it's rough. Companies who made money aren't getting the same breaks as companies who didn't make money. And people who are already have plenty of money aren't getting even more money. Here's another sad truth; responsible people who keep their houses from catching on fire just don't have firemen coming round to put their fires out.

I'm amazed that people in the middle or lower class can listen to Limbaugh and think "This guy is own my side." But they do.

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