Thursday, January 08, 2009

Football and the American Dream

Terence Jeffrey's latest article takes football as a metaphor for the American Economy.
Americans love football because it rewards those who deserve to be rewarded. It does this because its rules are well known, commonsensical, and unchanging during any particular game and season, and also because what it takes to win in football transcends the natural physical talents of those who play it.

Just as the kid who never graduates from high school can end up being the largest employer in town, so the kid who is too slow to run track and too short to play basketball can became the fullback who is too hard to tackle -- especially when it is fourth and one and the game is on the line.
Yep. And the point is that the Government wants to act like bad referees - picking the winner regardless of what happens on the field.

However when it comes to the economy - I feel like the refs are totally asleep or totally in the bag for one side. Consider attending a game in which players on one side were given every benefit of the doubt, and could commit multiple infractions before getting in trouble, while players on the other side were ejected from the game for minor rules breaking. Now consider how our criminal justice system treats wealthy whites and poor blacks.

We don't suffer from too many refs or too many regulations whatever the squealers on the right say. The rich and corporations really are getting enough breaks; it's time to give a few to the middle and working class.

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