Monday, January 12, 2009

Fifth Column

David Horowitz's latest article is in support of the actions of Israel in Gaza and more specifically a denunciation of anybody who questions them. And to prove how depraved the left is he quotes a Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Because nobody is more powerful or influential within American Liberalism than Professors of Middle Eastern Studies.

He then makes this ominous declaration.
Like many of her political comrades in the secular and religious left she has joined the forces of Islamic barbarism that are ranged against the civilized people of America and Israel. And she is only one of many. In the midst of the global war that radical Islam has declared on the West, the conflict in Gaza has revealed the presence of a fifth column in the West so detached from its own communities and civilized values that it now constitutes a clear and present danger to our survival.
A clear and present danger, eh? It's almost like the Government should crack down on our threat to civilization. I'd write more but I'm busy helping establish a Shaira Dictatorship, because I'm a decadent libertine.

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