Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm a Nice Person and I never call people names unlike those nasty lousy mean-spirited lying piece-of-crap Republicans

Well it's Inauguration Day. It's a day where we as a nation come together to celebrate the inauguration of a new President (hence the name, Inauguration Day (seemed more dignified than New President Day)). Always hard to know how to handle this if your guy lost. Obviously if you supported McCain or Kerry or Gore or Dole or Bush 41. In fairness most of the Conservatives are doing ok with it, although some reflective twitches are emerging. Mona Charen's article though, for some reason, got under my skin.
I did not vote for the man who today becomes the 44th president of the United States, and in fact, advocated for his opponent. But I am not immune to the happiness of those who did support him, particularly African-Americans, and -- to slice it a little thinner -- particularly older African-Americas who actually lived through the contempt and cruelty of Jim Crow America. I do not for minute deny the symbolic greatness of the moment, and despite my wariness of President Obama's policies, it makes me happy to see so many of my fellow Americans in a celebratory, patriotic mood. (If the shoe were on the other foot, however, I doubt that they would reciprocate these sentiments.)
I guess it's important with a new president to remind us all what bastards liberals are. Without constant reminders Conservatives might forget.

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