Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Imposed Solution

Over at Commondreams Michael Lerner has written an article stating clearly that the Obama / Clinton plan to address the Palestine / Hamas / Israel conflict will fail. That's probably a safe bet, as all other attempts to resolve that conflict have failed. But his rationale for while it will fail I'm not sure about.
The only viable alternative is for Obama to call for an international conference of the European Unon, Israel and the Arab States, the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, and, yes, Iran and India as well, and allow that international conference to impose a solution that provides security and justice to both sides. Only an imposed settlement has the slightest chance of being just to Palestinians - the precondition for a lasting peace, and a secure Israel.
I am not sure about this. For one thing such a conference, particularly if made up of Israels enemies, is not likely to be well received in Israel. So this international body imposes a two state solution (presumably), tells Israel "This is the land you will give to the Palestines." and then Israel says "Nope, we aren't doing that." What next?

Well the answer would seem to be for this international body to force Israel to comply in some way - that's what imposing a solution means. I don't see how that goes well for anybody.

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