Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Obama's Problem? He's not Conservative!

Or so goes Mona Charen's latest article, lamenting his policies which are just not that conservative. And without conservative approaches to the current financial crisis, well, things will get worse and civilization might well collapse.
Obama will have a few weeks or months of maximum political influence. If ever there were a time to do the really hard things -- reduce spending, increase the retirement age, introduce real competition to the health care system, cut corporate tax rates, balance our books -- this is it. If Obama used his popularity to achieve those critical goals for our nation's future, he would deserve to be on all those T-shirts and coffee mugs. He might even be a candidate for Mount Rushmore. As it is, he and we are headed in the wrong direction.
Seems unlikely, particularly as Obama and his advisers have made it clear that this is the exact opposite of the direction they want to go. But since I think Mona Charen's prescriptions are likely to make America's problems worse, I am OK with him ignoring her advice.

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