Monday, January 05, 2009

Liberals and the KKK

Kevin McCullough isn't an innovator in Conservatoid rhetoric. He doesn't create many tropes; but he knows how to repeat them. And this week, he repeats a lie about liberals, one conservatives have said before, but does it was a notable nastiness.

Here's the truth, the Ku Klux Klan was started by [b]Conservative[/b] Democrats after the Civil War as a way to terrorize Blacks and Northerners.

Here's the way McCullough puts it.
When the party of left-wing America founded the Ku Klux Klan they did so because they wished to seize the rights of an entire people group, intimidate them into voting for the candidates they decided, and for anyone so messy as to get in the way they became people who did not deserve to live. One of the sitting members of the Unites States Senate who participated in Klan activity still sits seated by the same party that founded the Klan. His name is Robert Byrd. Power--even if gained through ruthless means--was the absolute objective to the Klan, and the Democrats who founded it.

The same historical parallel could be made by the ruthless rise of Adolph Hitler and his hatred based upon a person's race, skin color, or disability. For no better reason than to satisfy a dark perversion of his soul and to insure the kind of power that absolute fear instills in followers Hitler manipulated his own people to reach his objective, and to take lives.
Ah - you see the little twist McCullough does there? He blurs the line between party and ideology to hide the fact that the people who started the Ku Klux Klan had far more in common with Conservatives than Liberals.

His proof by the way? Liberals don't whole heartedly support the actions Israel is taken in the Gaza strip. Why some liberals sent in letters to the editor of the Jerusalem times criticizing their actions. These included one liberal with the curious name LibertarianSoul.

He also tells another lie. One not quite as far reaching as suggesting the KKK is a liberal organization but certainly a lie nonetheless.
In America, none of the anti-war groups that wished to see Bush impeached, said even a word about Saddam's brutal crimes against his own people.
That's a total lie but McCullough can probably get away with it. In fact the protests against the war regularly pointed out that Saddam had brutalized his own people. There were some individuals or even organizations who ignored that, but they weren't the majority. And hell, the way McCullough sets this up, if even one liberal said "Yeah Saddam's definitely a bad guy" it would make him a liar.

But anybody who has gotten that far in the article and still agrees with McCullough is probably too stupid to realize the lie there.

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