Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Maybe the War on Terror isn't over just yet

Or at least that's John Feffer's opinion, in an article over at Commondreams.
. . . even if Obama holds to his word on torture, closes Guantánamo within the year, applies the same yardstick to detainees at Bagram and in Iraq, and eliminates the Clinton-era policy on extraordinary rendition, the death of the "global war on terror," as Mark Twain once said of his own prematurely published obituary, is greatly exaggerated. Indeed, on the day after it published GWOT's obituary, The Washington Post reported on two U.S. unilateral air strikes in Pakistan that killed 20 suspected terrorists. Although it observed an uncharacteristic silence over these strikes, the Pakistani government has previously expressed outrage at these violations of its sovereignty.
I'm not sure I find Feffer all that compelling, but I totally agree that if you voted for Obama expecting him to act like Dennis Kucinich, you're probably going to be disappointed.

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