Monday, October 06, 2008

Sarah Palin Unleashed

Sarah Palin sat down with William Kristol, New York Times Columnist, and they chatted. Then Kristol wrote an article about the interview. Apparently we are going to get to see the real Sarah Palin in the coming month.
As for the campaign, Palin made clear — without being willing to flat out say so — that she regretted allowing herself to be overly handled and constrained after the Republican convention. She described the debate on Thursday night as “liberating,” and she emphasized how much she now looked forward to being out there, “getting to speak directly to the folks.”
Hmmmmm. So she wants more of a chance to speak directly to the American people. Presumably without anybody asking her any annoying follow up questions. The American people don't need any specifics. They just need to know that she hates the media and loves her kids. And that Obama is a radical who has creepy friends.

On that note we are going to be hearing a lot about Obama's supposed relationship with Bill Ayres over the next few weeks. Slactivist has a great post exposing this particular nonsense.

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