Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Menace of Obama

Doug Giles has taken Barack Obama to task for his anti hunting positions. Wait, that's not exactly right. Apparently he's upset that Barack Obama has drawn the support of an anti-hunting organization. And what is this hideous organization?
This past week Obama added to his rogue gallery of support groups another radical band of anti-American spirit lunatics. No, I’m not talking about an additional endorsement by a new terrorist group or Black Muslim faction, or pro-abortion loon, or another communist cabal, or an extra Castro/Chavez-like dictator but rather the Humane Society (HSUS).
Yep. Apparently the Humane Societies endorsement of Obama is just about the worst organization in the world you can have endorsing you. It's worse than those terrorist groups who have endorsed Obama, none of whom Giles even bothers to name. It's worse than the Black Muslim factions, who may be fictions for all the detail Giles provides. Nope - the only evil leftist monstrous organization Giles bothers to name is the Humane Society, so one can only infer that they must be the worst of all.

Yeah, I'm not seeing it. But then again I'm not a hunter.

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