Monday, October 13, 2008

Karl Rove - Political Genius?

Matt Taibbi has written an article over at Rolling Stone about everybody's favorite political genius Karl Rove. But Taibbi doesn't know if Rove has earned the Genius label.
Rove is not a genius, or even very clever: He's totally and completely immoral. . . .

The reason Rove continues to survive is the same reason that Johnnie Cochran was called a genius for keeping a double-murderer on the golf course — because this generation of Americans has become so steeped in greed and social Darwinism that it can no longer distinguish between cheating and achieving, between enterprise and crime, and can't bring itself to criticize winners any more than it knows how to be nice to losers. He survives because an increasing number of Americans secretly agree with Rove's vision of rules, laws and "the truth" as quaint, faintly embarrassing rituals that only a sucker would let hold him back.
Yeah, it's hard to argue with that. But here's the thing - these Rovian Tactics aren't working this election. McCain isn't winning, and at this point isn't likely to.

Got this link from Glenn Greenwald's Blog.

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