Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do they Really Believe it?

I don't know how to take a line like this from David Limbaugh's latest article.
And yet we've got a man running for the highest office in the land surrounded with anti-American allies and covert election burglars, all protected by an unprecedented mainstream-media cover-up.
Does he really believe the hyperbole? So far the Anti American Allies Obama is "surrounded by" include Bill Ayers, a person Obama knew but hasn't had much contact with recently, and Jeremiah Wright, who Obama cut off.

The covert election burglars are, presumably, ACORN and their efforts to encourage people to vote. I don't know how covert they are, since they are pretty open about existing and about trying to register the poor to vote.

And unprecedented media cover-up? Could that be because there's not much there? I mean the Ayers association has been public knowledge for months now, and several major media outlets have written on it. Isn't that the opposite of a cover up?

No. Remember when your political enemy is involved in a scandal, it doesn't matter how thoroughly he's been investigated or exonerated. No mater how thoroughly the matter has been investigated, it hasn't been investigated enough until he is found guilty of whatever the charge is.

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