Thursday, October 02, 2008


David Limbaugh's latest article takes aim at the "Liberal" media. He finds himself wondering how the Media could fail to recognize their terrible bias, and he comes up with this.
No, I think their closed culture teaches them that liberalism is so manifestly correct that its proponents embody objectivity. Bias is defined as any deviation from the only correct worldview: liberalism.
His big example is the different ways in which Joe Biden and Sarah Palin have been treated. But you really can't blame Limbaugh. I think his closed culture has taught him that conservatism is so manifestly correct, that it's worldview is the only accurate one. He can't see Palin's lack of depth because he can't see anything that deviates from the only correct worldview: conservatism. Seeing through those ideological blinders, well, Palin probably looks pretty good.

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