Monday, July 07, 2008

Things that make you go Argghhh!

Like the title of Phil Harris's latest article over at Townhall. To wit; "The Liberal's Agenda - Antichrist or just anti-Christ?" Yep either we liberals are in league with Satan or we are just in league with Satan (but don't know it). The core issue is a teacher in Ohio who kept a Bible on his desk and was required to remove it. He fought for his right to hold a bible on his desk, while Larry Elder, conservative commentator, said that he should just put the Bible in his desk drawer.. I don't know, but I'm guessing there is more to this story than a guy with a Bible on his desk. I'll look into it.

But first back to Phil Harris. After relaying this sad state of affairs and saying that this is all the movement of a movement to ban Christianity (an anti-Christ movement, in his words), he moves on to speculation on the Antichrist.
The Internet is abuzz with wild speculation about who the Antichrist is. Some believe the Antichrist may be Barak Obama. Others speculate it is John McCain, and I have even read headlines that attribute the beastly title to Larry Elder. Whether you believe in a literal Antichrist that signals the end of days or not, there is without question an ongoing anti-Christ movement.

From my perspective, there is a figurehead of the dark side; a man who will, at every opportunity, grant historic advances to the culling of humanity through unfettered abortion. Given his extreme liberalism, I could see him declaring a Bible-Free Zone (as in free from Bibles) around public schools.

Can you tell that I have grown weary of Barak Obama and his plagiarized, Martin Luther King speech delivery style?
Yeah, he doesn't go as far as to say that Obama is the Antichrist, but comes pretty close, it strikes me. And the accusation does seem a bit outside the bounds of normal rational discourse, no matter how you try to pretend otherwise.

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