Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Pretty Damn Overt

Michael Medved at a post on his blog is singing the praises of a new book.
The campaign of 2008 has already witnessed the dramatic rise of the Religious Left, with Barack Obama and other liberals claiming scriptural authority for their big government versions of compassion. In this context, “How Would God Vote?”, the explosive new book by David Klinghoffer, provides an invaluable response. The subtitle says “Why the Bible Commands You to be a Conservative” and the book digs deep into scriptural text to emphasize that the Almighty demands individual commitment, rather than asking human beings to satisfy their obligations to their nieghbors through impersonal government policy.
God Commands you to be a Conservative. Lovely.

Still this doesn't bug me as much as it might because you can practically smell the desperation here. They are basically commanding Christians to be conservative. And that kind of desperation? Well it smells good.

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