Monday, July 21, 2008

Stolen Elections and Riots in the Street

I generally don't hold with the theory that the 2004 election was stolen, nor do I think there is an effort afoot to steal the 2008 election. I am sure there innumerable bad actors who might do bad things like caging or clearing the voting rolls to eliminate people who might vote the wrong way, but I don't think there is a coordinated effort. That said, if there were a coordinated effort, today's article by Austin Hill would be beneficial to those planning such an effort.

The basic theme of it is that if Obama isn't elected, there will be riots and anger from Americans unwilling to accept the will of the American people.
While speaking with a friend who is a yacht broker in the affluent Santa Monica coastal region of Southern California, I asked “what do people in your circles have to say about the presidential election? Are they even talking about it? What do they say?”

“Yes, people are talking about it” my friend assured me. “It’s assumed that Obama will win. But if he doesn’t, there’s a fear that South-Central LA will erupt in riots, kind of like what happened after the trial of the cops that beat Rodney King in 1992.”

I’m not a conspiracy theorist or alarmist. But I do believe that current cultural and political conditions are such that a McCain “victory” in November could create, at the very least, some significant tension in our society, if not outright civil unrest. Much of my concern has to do with a rather skewed, subjective, and selfish view of the notion of “injustice” that Obama himself has propagated throughout his campaign.
Let's for a moment consider the amount of "street cred" a yacht broker has.

Yeah I'm not sure polling the wealthiest of the wealthy out in California was a good way to figure out what would happen in Watts if Obama loses, legitimately or illegitmately. The truth is that if Obama loses there will be a lot of people upset; but if he loses because of electoral fraud, well, there will be outrage. And Hill and his compatriots will do everything they can to shove it under the table.

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