Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jim D. Adkisson

For those who don't know, Jim D. Adkisson went into a Unitarian Church Sunday Morning with a firearm. He is accused of killing two people and wounding five. According to a note he wrote in his truck "he hated the liberal movement." A depressing story all the way around.

Candace Chellew-Hodge, who worked for Sean Hannity a long time ago, has written him a letter about the situation. It's well worth reading.
The sad irony here, Sean, is that if Mr. Adkisson had gone to that Unitarian church and told them he was out of a job and his food stamps had just ended, they would have helped him. They would have fed them from their food pantry and used their network of friends to help find him a job. Not because they’re liberal socialists, but because they understand that it’s not “us” against “them.” Instead, what made this country great is that we pull together in times of crisis—we bear one another’s burdens and put aside our differences in order to be of service to one another. They would have reached out to Mr. Adkisson without asking him if he was Democrat or a Republican or a liberal or a conservative. Labels don’t matter when someone is in need—or they shouldn’t.
Yeah, pretty much true.

I have been looking for Conservative responses to this incident, but haven't seen very many as yet. I guess I can understand why they would keep mum.

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