Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Key Question or I'm Pretty Sure both Liberals and Conservatives Love Their Children

David Strom's latest article is entitled, promisingly enough, "Do Conservatives Hate Their Children?" As it turns out, he believes that Conservatives do not Hate their Children. I'm vaguely disappointed.

The article is about Global Warming - Liberals often say that we need to curb man-made global warming to help out our kids. And since Conservatives don't want to curb man-made global warming, well, what do they think of their kids. Strom makes two points, one valid, the other a tangent. He notes that Conservatoids do tend to have a lot of kids so they probably do actually love their children. Then he points out that Liberals want to destroy our economy and make this nation into a socialist dystopia. So they must not love their children or conservative children either.

Of course what he ducks is the Key Question, which is, is man-made global warming occurring. If you believe it is, well, than drastic action might well be necessary. If you believe that it is not happening, well, than these proposed drastic steps seem both unnecessary and threatening.

Strom (and others) don't just believe that Man Made Global Warming is a hoax - they believe it's a self evident hoax. Those who claim to believe in it know it's a hoax. So why are they lying? Well because those who claim to believe in it want to create a Socialist Dystopia where they sit at the top of the pile. Kind of nasty of us.

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