Thursday, July 03, 2008


More on the Wesley Clark fandango. Gail Collin's at the New York Times tries to do a recap of the events, discussing lessons learned from it. She ends with this paragraph.
About those lessons: McCain’s campaign has announced a staff reorganization, so perhaps he realizes that he needs better outraged-response material. Wesley Clark has learned that he’s not going to be vice president. And maybe both camps now understand that this is not the year for debates about management experience. The next president isn’t going to have much. It’s O.K. If we cared about management, we’d have stuck with Mitt Romney.
I'm not sure about that last sentence; who is the we Gail Collins is referring to. Cause I could care about management all day long, and I still wouldn't support Mitt Romney.

I think she's right though; management experience isn't deep in either man. But judgment seems like a very fruitful area of discussion. If you feel like the Bush Years, particularly in regards to the War in Iraq and the erosion of Civil Liberties, have been good for America, well you should vote for the man who's judgment led him to agree with most of those decisions, John McCain. On the other hand, if you think those actions were mistakes, well, we have a candidate for you as well.

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