Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Follow up

If you recall, earlier in the week I responded to an article by Phil Harris about a teacher in Ohio who was fired because he had a Bible on his desk. At the time I found that suspicious, and intended to follow up on it, but didn't until now.

Turns out there was a bit more to that story that originally noted, according to an article at the Washington Post. In addition to keeping a bible on his desk, John Freshwater taught creationism in his science class room and burnt crosses in his student's arms.
Officials knew that Freshwater used a science tool to burn images of a cross on students' arms in December, according to findings by outside investigators.

"I think things were just overlooked and overlooked and overlooked and then it just came to a head," said Kelly Montgomery, whose son was a student in Freshwater's class a few years ago. "It's been terrible for the whole community."

Freshwater told investigators he simply was trying to demonstrate the device on three to eight students and described the images an "X" not a cross. But pictures show the images depict a cross, the report said.
Yeah not sure about that one.

At any rate, as normal, it looks like there is more to the story than initially appeared.

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