Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What kind of Conservative is McCain?

David Limbaugh's latest article takes on Senator McCain and his comments on Global Warming. He starts with an interesting statement.
If John McCain were truly a maverick, he would publicly break from the politically correct culture that demands obedience to its global warming narrative. But sadly, he continues to do the opposite.

Liberals have denominated McCain a maverick because he has taken so many positions contradictory to his party's platform and to the conservative ideology that undergirds it. Now that he is the putative Republican nominee, you don't hear much about his maverick nature, but it's certainly not because he's changed his ways in opposing his party.
McCain is kind of out of the spotlight, what with Clinton and Obama still duking it out for the Democratic Nomination. But McCain continues to annoy Conservatives of the Limbaugh ilk.

As always though remember that Limbaugh and McCain agree on a lot more than they disagree on - particularly the major issue of the day which is what kind of role should America play in the Middle East. Both Limbaugh and McCain believe we should invade Iran and both proudly supported and continue to support our debacle in Iraq.

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