Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Most Liberal Senator in Congress

I'm keying off of an article by Brent Bozell III here. It's his typical drivel; the left wing media is in the tank for Obama and hates McCain. Parenthetically that view is so at odds with reality that I am curious to see if people outside of Right Wingers are going to buy it.

But that's not my main point. In the middle of his dopey article, he makes this statement.
He was asked if he could handle the coming "assault" from the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy that could be heard manufacturing its wicked armaments off stage. What lies will they stoop to tell? Blitzer suggested told Obama they're going to "paint" him as a tax-and-spend liberal.

"Paint" him? Who needs to add any paint to that picture? That is the truth -- he's the most left-wing senator in Washington -- and they know it.
How is Barack Obama the most left wing Senator in Congress? Well the National Journal keeps track how Senators votes and based on their votes assigns them a score. Four years ago John Kerry beat out all of his colleagues to become the most liberal in the senate and this year Obama somehow got the brass ring. What are the odds that two Presidential candidates are the most liberal in the senate?

Pretty high actually, when you consider both men had to balance their congressional duties with the rigors of the campaign trail. When you are running for President you can't show up for every single vote (which is why Presidential candidates often get dinged for absenteeism as well as Liberalism). Obama and Kerry had to pick their votes, and naturally picked those votes that mattered most to them. And theirs a natural tendency for those votes to be more liberal.

The National Journal knows this. I would guess many Conservative Commentators know it too; but that won't stop them from saying, over and over again, Obama is the most Liberal Senator in the Senate.

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