Thursday, May 01, 2008

Townhall publishes an article in Praise of Plaintiff's Lawyers

It's an unusual day. The article is written by Hugh Hewitt, and is interesting.
From watching those arguments over the years, I have come to appreciate the relentlessness of the best of the plaintiffs’ bar. It can take years to bring a case to a successful conclusion, especially when a foreign company is involved and especially when that foreign company is protected by a foreign government. When the foreign government is itself the defendant, well, the trail is long and hard.
This is mostly in relation to lawyers who are suing companies for bringing in defective products from China; the villains are the Chinese. So that makes it a little more palatable to Hewitt; presumably he's still against suing American companies for, say, abusing their workers or bringing crummy products to the market. Still you have to note the good when it comes along, and it's nice that someone over at Townhall recognizes that occasionally the Plaintiff lawyers are on the sides of the angels.

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