Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Voyage of Discovery or Ann Coulter's Nuttier than Five Squirrels

Michael S. Adams has made a remarkable discovery in his latest artice; that Ann Coulter, she might not be all there.
I wasn’t the only one who noticed that Ann was unusually angry. Neil noticed it, too. And he asked her why she was so angry. She responded by accusing McCain of lying on a regular basis. Neil then asked her why she had a more favorable opinion of Romney who has been accused of lying about his positions on abortion and gay rights. Coulter quipped that he had to lie in order to get elected in Massachusetts, adding that trying to get elected there was like trying to get elected in North Korea.

Strange as those comments were they were tame in comparison to Ann’s next assertion; namely, that John McCain “has no honor.
Interesting. Comparing one of our States to a repressive dictatorship is "odd" but what really pushes Ann past the boundaries of reasonable discourse is her attacks on McCain. Now for the record I agree that saying McCain has no honor is not accurate. I won't be supporting him for President, and I think that those who will be are making a tragic miscalculation, but he served his country.

On the other hand where the hell has Adams been the last few years? Lots of people have said far worse things about McCain, many of them Conservatives. And Ann Coulter regularly says far crazier things than that. But I guess he's got his eyes on the main score; electing McCain.

Parenthetically, I'll be surprised if Ann Coulter doesn't respond to this sort of criticism, probably by implying that Adams is some kind of Nancy boy.

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