Friday, May 16, 2008


Thanks to President Bush's speech in Isreal the other day, we are back to Appeasement. A subject I'm sure I've talked about before. Apparently 57 times, although some of those may be repeats. Here's the quote I'm responding to, from David Limbaugh's latest article.
. . . when Mr. Bush, in addressing Israel's Knesset, compared those who want to negotiate with today's terrorists and tyrants to an American senator in 1939 who lamented that Hitler's march into Poland might have been avoided "if only I could have talked to Hitler," Obama, other Democrats and the mainstream media went ballistic.

. . . Democrats can choose to interpret everything through their partisan prism, but Bush was wearing his presidential cap in Israel and was stumping not for John McCain, but for the United States of America. It's too bad, but understandable, that Democrats so often find themselves on the wrong side of our national interests. President Bush was acting abundantly presidential and in furtherance of our national interests when assuring Israel and warning Iran that we will stand by our closest Middle Eastern ally.
I'd like to point out that whatever you think of the practicality of invading Iran, President Bush and Senator McCain would like to take military action against Iran.

Well let's see if I can recycle something I wrote previously. Here's something that fits the bill, responding to David Limbaugh's brother Rush.
Rush practically froths at the mouth when it comes to what he calles Appeasers and "the appeasement crowd." By this he means all those who question the impending war with Iraq. Of course the term Appeasement is totally bizarre in this context. The term arose in Inter-war Europe where England (particularly) and other Europeon powers acquiesed to Hitler's desires to increase his terroritory. In other words the appeasers gave Hitler concessions in hopes that he would not attack them. The policy stands as a pitiable failure that strengthened a vicious tyrant and weakened the west.

So what concessions do Modern Appeasers offer Saddam. Well we aren't ready to kill him. That's about it. Are we offering him land? No. Are we giving him anything? No. The situation is akin to two muggers holding up a guy (admitadly the guy in this case is a vicious monster). The "Appeasers" say "Do as we say or we'll blow your head off." Rush would rather hear, "We are going to blow your head off no matter what."
Still holds up.

Of course in this case President Bush was trying to imply that if our ally of Israel was invaded, there's a good chance that a President Clinton or a President Hillary would do nothing but try to appease Iran. This is nonsense, and the Republicans know this is nonsense.

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