Thursday, May 29, 2008

Balancing the Ticket

Matt Towery's latest article takes the progressive step of acknowledging that all of the various candidates have potential problems with how people see them. McCain is old, Clinton is a Woman, and Obama is a black. All of them are facing problems because of who they are. He argues that McCain should pick a good Republican woman to balance out the ticket and to pick up those women annoyed that Hillary Clinton didn't get the nod.

Then he makes this interesting statement.
There's another bias in this country -- regional bias. Though it's become less fashionable to say so out loud, many Americans still view the South as being knee-jerk racist, not to mention generally backward and unsophisticated. Southern accents still get plenty of good ribbing. After all, they don't call former President Clinton "President Bubba" for nothing.
I guess that's true - the South does get a pretty good rubbing on occasion. But, Towery, they dish it out too. I mean California is the land of homosexual kooks and New York and the North East practically a Communist Country down here. And frankly the attacks that the South has made on other parts of this nation are more hurtful then the attacks they've had to suffer. Hell you practically can't get to be president without being from the south - while Northeasterners have a lot harder time.

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