Monday, May 12, 2008

Back from the Dead

Well I'm back. My work situation has improved considerably since I realized I just don't give a damn.

Today's first article is by Bret Prelutsky, which has the promising title "Why Jews Vote the Way They Do."
If I am asked one question by my readers far more frequently than any other, it’s why do so many American Jews insist on aligning themselves with the far left. Believe me, being Jewish myself, it’s the question I most frequently ask myself.

It’s certainly not because Jews are stupid, evil, unpatriotic or dependent on government handouts for their survival, four reasons that certainly explain why millions of my fellow Americans will eagerly line up to vote for any political crackpot so long as he or she is running as a Democrat.
Yep - if you are a Democrat you are probably stupid, evil, unpatriotic or dependent on the the Government, unless, and this is very important, you are Jewish. Not being Jewish myself (as far as I know) I guess I have to assume that I'm stupid, evil, unpatriotic, or dependent on government handouts. If you want to guess which, use the comments section below.

In case you are curious, Prelutsky's theory is that Jews over identify with the underdogs, so they tend to want to defend criminals, Blacks and Muslims, even though those groups aren't friendly to them. This leads them to do stuff that makes no sense.
At times, it seems as if we exist in some surrealistic universe in which, with the notable exception of Jimmy Carter, American Christians are often more devoted to Israel’s survival than American Jews are. At the same time, many Jews feel they have more to fear from fundamentalist Christians than from fundamentalist Islamics!
By devoted to Israel's survival, Prelutsky means a dedication to the most right wing approach to the Palestinian question. Many Israelis are opposed to that as well, but I guess that's due to Jews extreme devotion to helping the underdog.

And isn't that argument a more respectful way of saying Jews are Crazy?

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