Friday, September 02, 2005

Round the Horn. An Irwin J. McIckleson Production

Good morning all. This is Irwin J. McIckleson, fictional 1910's plutocrat, providing a review of the Liberal Coalition for the week. As you know, there has been a terrible disaster in New Orleans. I have visited New Orleans on a few separate occasions - most recently to arrange a warehouse for storing my products on their way to South America. I've always found it a beautiful city. I generally dislike the south due to their baffling racial mores (Frankly I don't care whether a working man is black, white, or green; I'm ready and willing to exploit his labor), but New Orleans is a bit different.

Plus they have the most lively music there.

I guess I'm saying that even though I'm fictional, I still wish the people of New Orleans courage and strength to face this tragedy, and I hope their country men will come to their aid.

Anyway most of the posts reviewed will do with this tragedy.

Iddybud has a
good collection of thoughts on how the Bush administration has failed to plan for this particular disaster and is not doing very well at responding to it. Which is a shame.

has more on President Bush's disingenuous claim that "No one could have foreseen the levee's breaking" or words to that effect. I must say such a claim strikes me as the worst kind of nonsense. Even in our day we knew what could happen if those levees broke.

Apparently Mr. Bush has responded to these criticisms by asking American's not to play politics right now,
according to Sooner Thought. That's an interesting response because the way America deals with problems is to play politics. That's what democracy is all about. I should know, I've purchased enough politicians in my life.

archy has
the news that one of the two relief organizations suggested by the Governmental Site on Helping Disasters (FEMA?) is headed by the same blackguard who called for the assassination of the President of Venezuela.

First Draft has
some information on how other nations are coming to the aid of the United States, which is heartening.

The Countess has
the story on a gentleman who is in New Orleans in some kind of hideout who is posting on what he sees around the city. It is very interesting.

The Fulcrum has
other information on what is going on in the city. Apparently the army tried to use some kind of flying machine based on Di Vinci principles to rescue some people, and were shot upon. The author asks why we are not ready to deal with such banditry?

Words on a Page has
a letter by a former supporter of President Bush confronting him on his failures in responding to Hurricane Katrina. I must say, I'm all for Presidents being shamelessly pro-business (as it appears this Bush fellow is), but there's something to be said for general competence as well.

Gamer's Nook has
the words to a song, which are quite poetic and meaningful. But the song does not contain any reference to Turkeys or Straw.

And that is it for another week. Please do what you can to help those suffering people in New Orleans. I would commit my entire fortune to the rebuilding and rescue efforts, but my fortune is, like me, fictional.

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