Friday, September 23, 2005

An Attempt at Humor

Boxey: Can I ride in your ship sir?
Apollo: Fighter planes are no places for little boys.
Watching the original Battlestar Galactaca. I enjoyed it a lot as a kid, but I was a kid and so my standards weren't that high. I am really enjoying the new series on the Sci Fi Channel. It's really about as good as any thing on television. Anyway this little exchange takes place just after Cylon's have wiped out pretty much everything, and Lorne Green/Commander Adama and Apollo have landed on earth to visit Adama's old home and get photo albums. A crowd of survivors gathers around (armed with futuristic torches and pitchforks), seeking confirmation that the world has ended. Commander Adama confirms that, yes, the world has ended. Suddenly bolting out of the crowd runs little space-kid Boxey who has this heart-warming exchange.

Yeah one advantage the new version has over the older one is no annoying space kid.

In a more serious vein, the Wall Street Journal has a story with this title and sub-title.
Why German Nudists
Are Wearing Frowns
As Others Disrobe

Baring It All in Public Is
Nothing Special Anymore;
Joining Camps is Passe
My first thought was slow news day. And then I thought, hey, isn't there some kind of hurricane bearing down on Texas? Isn't that, you know, news?

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