Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Do You Know What the Words "Fort Marcy Park" Mean?

They mean that, in the delusional right wing world of the Limbaugh, Hillary Clinton has murdered to further her political ambitions and she will kill again. Fort Marcy Park is where Vince Foster was found dead after he committed suicide.

Excuse me, that should have read where he was found dead; his death was later ruled a suicide. Because of course in the delusional world of the Clinton-Hater, Foster's death was clearly the act of the Clintons in an attempt to . . . well it's not clear. Sometimes it's because he and Clinton were having an affair. Sometimes it's because Foster knew too much and "dead men tell no tales."

Of course Foster's Death was investigated numerous times (once by Kenneth Star) and ruled a suicide each time. Which just shows the enormous power of the Clintons to control the government.

Of course if they had such power and the will to kill, it's kind of odd how they let the whole Lewinsky mess happen, but I suppose it's best not to question that.

You might be thinking that this is old news and I shouldn't be wasting your time with it. I agree, but Rush Limbaugh felt the urge to recently bring it up. And he is America's Anchorman. So I felt I needed to bring it up too.

If you want a more thorough examination of the many deaths the Clinton's are supposed to have committed, check out this article by Snopes.

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