Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Legend of Spoomonger the One Noble Soul in the Blog-O-Sphere

Gather real children and listen to the tale of Spoomonger.

It was in the wake of Hurricane Katrina that he revealed himself. Those were dark days for those virtuous souls who loved America. For President Bush's response to Katrina had been seen as base and ignoble, and Spoomonger's mighty heart was troubled. And he stepped to the Blog-O-Sphere and asked these immortal questions.
Am I the only one not buying all the mud slung at President Bush over Katrina? Am I the only one who is fed up with all the petty garbage the media seeks out in the midst of a serious catastrophe?
Yes poor noble Spoomonger was all alone in asking these questions. For behold an amazing thing - the Republican National Committee, the various Conservative Pundits in Print, on Radio, or on the Television, and his fellow conservative bloggers had all ignored these questions. They had all unquestioningly accepted the mud slung at President Bush. Only Spoomonger, the only noble soul in the internet, had stepped forward to ask these questions and to defend President Bush.

And if you believest that, you would also have no trouble believing the rest of his statement. But do not read such documents as this timeline, for this may cast doubts in your mind as to the truthfulness of the mighty Spoomonger, the one noble soul of the internet. Simply remember that not that many people died and the Mayor and the Governor are responsible for those dead.

Remember this question - are you going to be a citizen or a critic? A citizen of the United States would never question his president - particularly not in the middle of a tragedy like this.

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