Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to Socialism

It's amusing to watch the battle between Rush Limbaugh and Obama, this titanic struggle in which Obama and other Democrats noted that Limbaugh had a vastly different view of America than themselves. Yep, that's hitting him below the belt. Oh and Limbaugh said he hopes Obama fails which isn't playing to well, even with some in his own party.

So naturally Conservatives are springing to Rush's defense. Today it's Bret Prelutsky and Frank Turek.
When the Democrats took James Carville’s advice to attack Rush Limbaugh, it made perfect sense. Some people thought it was intended to distract us from the fact that Obama was spending money faster than the Monopoly Company could print it. I, on the other hand, believed it was setting us up for the passage of the so-called Fairness Doctrine.
Bret Prelutsky, Obama, Kruschev, and Limbaugh
Obama’s direction is demonstrably wrong because it ignores the repeated lessons of history and adopts a false view of human nature. Socialism has never worked and will never work because it destroys human incentive and creates dependency.

Limbaugh says that Obama knows this and wants to create a culture of dependency that will keep Democrats perpetually in power. If this is true, Obama is taking a leadership page from Joseph Stalin.
Frank Turek, Limbaugh, Obama, Stalin and Leadership

It's fascinating that both Prelutsky and Turek defend Rush by calling Obama the equivalent of a Communist Dictator. Prelutsky is a little softer than Turek (in the sense that Khruschev is less of a monster than Stalin), but both demonize Obama far more than Obama demonized Limbaugh.

It reminds me uncannily of the theory that if Conservative Christians don't get everything they want, they are being persecuted. I suspect this kind of complaining will get worse before it gets better.

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Random Goblin said...

Yeah, this is stupid. President Obama isn't a socialist any more than President Bush was a fascist or a theocrat.