Monday, March 02, 2009

Self Mythologizing

We all self mythologize to a certain extent; it's how we live with ourselves. Sometimes it's putting a happy sheen over a crummy life and sometimes it's faking it until you make it, but we all do it to a certain extent. Oh, and if you are reading this and thinking "I don't do that" you probably do it worse than most.

Right now Conservatives find themselves having to put up with a President they didn't vote for and don't much like. So they have transformed him into a raving socialist and themselves into defenders of the realm. Take Doug Giles latest article, praising Rush Limbaugh.
In Obamaland where truth is dead, muscle power becomes the operative standard of speech. The results are cultic conformity and group bullying. The chief orgasmic goal of the elders of Obamaland is to create a rock-solid environment of political correctness—with the intended end being the cowing of people who might rustle their feathers by not parroting their already tried (and been found wanting) opinions. They can’t allow people to speak and think freely because the realist and the truth dealer would pee on their little party. That’s exactly what Rush is doing, and I’ll think I’ll join him.
See Doug Giles is busy patting himself on the back for, well, continuing to do what he's been doing. Rather than admitting he is going to continue criticizing a moderately liberal President, he chooses to pretend he's heroically doing battle against an oppressive dictator.

And let's face it, that just a lot more heroic and noble.

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