Monday, March 09, 2009

Radical Change

Kevin McCullough's latest article is entitled "Why Obama Wants America to Fail." Promising title. In it he takes Obama to task for failing to solve our nations financial problems. Obviously if he wanted an economic upturn he'd return to the Bush policies of endless tax cuts. His decision not immediately enact Bush-style Tax Cuts proves that he wants America to fail.

It sounds like I'm over stating his case for humorous effect I admit; but other then the reference to President Bush, that is pretty much his argument.
If it makes no sense to the free market economists that populate the best economics programs across the nation, if it weakens the ability for the average family to make ends meet, and if it does not increase the number of people actually working, why is President Obama so stubbornly continuing to pursue his economically diabolical plan of destruction?
Fortunately for us all, McCullough has an answer to this conundrum; Obama wants Americans to suffer so they will support his policies of making America worse for everybody.
President Obama and his team do not intend to solve this crisis as quickly as they possibly could--like he promised on the campaign trail. Instead, his intention is to let us bleed until the whimper we are expressing now finally builds into an all out, gut wrenching, cry of anguish. He does not care what must be done to arrive at that reality, only that we arrive there.
This is pretty nasty stuff; but I think McCullough believes it. And I think a surprising number of conservative Republicans would agree with his analysis. Which is why their party is headed, in the short term, towards obscurity.

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