Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking at Conservatives Charitably

Do Conservatives believe that their policies will enrich the wealthy at the expense of poor and working class Americans? I'm willing to concede they mostly don't. Every so often you read a screed by someone who really does seem to have it in for America's poor, but for the most part Conservatives believe that if Conservative policies are followed they will be good for everybody.

Take for example, Kevin McCullough's latest article.
The bailout, the stimulus, the omnibus, and the proposed budget all do nothing to assist a poor person in finding independence and they all aim to create an enslavement to entitlements that dehumanize the individual, create embarrassment for their family, and ultimately rob that person of one of the most cherished gifts God grants us--the satisfaction of personal achievement.
Now I'm going to take McCullough at his word; this is genuinely how he looks at the world. The damage done by helping poor people would be greater than the damage they are are already suffering. I disagree with his assessment; rather I think following his policies will make wealthy people more powerful and more wealthy while making life harder for America's working and middle class. That's why I disagree with and oppose the policies he and other conservatives espouse, but I generally don't doubt that such policies are honestly held (with a few exceptions I must admit).

But McCullough is not likely to extend to me the same charity.
Democrats, and the progressive left in particular, exploit the poor, they use the poor, they write speeches about them, and manipulate their "unrepresented voices" in debates. But one thing is increasingly clear from the Obama administration and the popular left in America, they don't have any interest in helping them.
So there you go.

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