Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let's Talk about Flags

Yep Flags. I was just reading Steve Chapman's latest article in which he talks about Rep. Shane Jett of the Oklahoma Legislature, who wants to add an exclamation point to the state flag. You see the flag has the name on it, but Rep. Jett thinks he can spruce it up with an exclamation point.

There are a couple of jokes to make here, I suppose. Steve Chapman makes a few of them.
Given that most flags fly almost exclusively in their home state, including a name disparages the mental acuity of residents. It implies that without a prompt, some people would forget where they live.
Ah but what if Doctor Mysteriex develops his mass amnesia ray? The prominent name of the state would give the newly amnesiac masses a chance.
Doctor Mysteriex - "Ha you hapless fools, welcome to Mysteriexland, a private fiefdom where you are all pathetic serfs! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

Oklahoman - "But wait, look at that flag over there. It says Oklahoma? What's an Oklahoma?"

Doctor Mysteriex - "Curses. For some reason, I'm foiled."
Steve Chapman points out that many state flags suck, and suggests that flags need to be simpler and easier to draw. So he basically comes down on the side of Rep. Jett, saying that at least he's trying to improve the State Flag.

I agree, but frankly if you are going to take your inspiration from Rogers and Hammerstien, well, The Sound of Music is a far superior work.

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Random Goblin said...

I think Maryland has an awesome flag. Oklahoma's would be fine if it just didn't say "Oklahoma" on it.