Friday, March 27, 2009

Comments on the Prompter

As promised I did look at the comments on the article above; like I thought they aren't keen on Gerson's article.

One set of complaints is worth pointing out.
But you seem to have missed the main point of all those people complaining about the president's constant use of the teleprompter: he was sold to us as someone who didn't need it.

Barack Obama was supposed to be this eloquent man, with a firm grasp on the situation at hand and the admirable ability to speak with strength and conviction.

Amen brother, Amen!!! You said pretty much what I was thinking when I read this pile of poop: When you are supposed to be the reincarnation of Aristotle, Socrates, or Plato in speaking to the masses, you are not supposed to need promoter for a six minute speech!
The second comment is saying Amen to the first guys comment.

So the complaint is, essentially, that Obama was supposed to be a brilliant speaker and a brilliant man, nearly a godlike figure who could do anything, and since he is using a teleprompter, he must not be flawless. This only works if you buy the argument the Obama sold himself as a perfect human being. Republicans do; they've been "concerned" about his "Messianic" trappings since about the time they realized he had a good chance to take the nomination from Hillary.

On the other hand I, and dare I say most Democrats, never thought Obama was a flawles; they just thought he was clearly better than McCain and a huge step up from President Bush. So the argument, to me at least, seems a strawman. "You Liberals said that Obama was perfect, and it turns out he's not."

If you prefer a nuttier comment, by the way, check out this one.
When this punk sold his soul to the Bilderberg Group he agreed to let them script his presentations. They know what they want said to facilitate the destruction of our country and create their new world order. Honestly, stop calling this fool "brilliant" and an inspiring speaker - he is neither. We are on the cusp of either a revolution or a complete downfall in this nation. Pick your side.
That's a tough choice; particularly since a revolution could easily lead to the complete downfall in this nation.

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