Monday, September 20, 2010

War Without End

Mike S. Adams has parleyed his annoyance at people disagreeing with him into a quite a little career. That said his latest takes it up a notch.
This debate is about more than two people in love. It is about two factions of society, which are sharply divided. One chooses to live in accordance with God’s word and the other chooses to live in rebellion against it.

Because the stakes are so high the debate must be joined by everyone. It cannot be dictated by those who call themselves gay but use anger to silence those who object to the same-sex union. Now more than ever, we must speak now or forever hold our peace.
I do agree that we should have a debate - there are honest disagreements. On the other hand how do you debate "We should follow God's word" vs. "We should live in rebellion to God." I mean if those are the terms, shouldn't everybody on the "We should live in rebellion" side just give up? What kind of debate is that?

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