Friday, September 03, 2010

Religious Liberty

Good article by Michael Gerson over at Townhall on the Cordoba Center. He makes some salient points. He notes that plenty of those who oppose the Cordoba Center oppose all new Mosques in America, which is something some of those who oppose the Corodoba Center haven't grasped.

Gerson also notes that the Christians who are attacking this and other Islamic buildings, face much the same attacks from the left wing. Perhaps tolerance wouldn't be that un-Christian.
Christianity, as an Abrahamic faith, sets out another vision -- an assertion of human worth and dignity that transcends tribe and nation. Christianity has accommodated this belief in slow, halting, often hypocritical stages -- a history that should leave Christians tolerant of the slow, halting, hypocritical progress of other traditions. The implications of this shift within Christianity, however, are profound. In light of this belief, the purpose of social influence for Christians is not to favor their own faith; it is to serve a view of universal rights and dignity taught by their faith. It is not to advance their own creed; it is to apply that creed in pursuit of the common good. This is what turns religion into a positive social force -- a determination to defend everyone's dignity.
I kind of agree with this (at least in the political sphere), while noting that many Christians would strongly disagree with this theory. Evangelicals do, of course, feel a need to advance their on creed, and many Christians of every faith beleive it an act of charity to explain the one true way to Heaven.

Responses to the article are interesting; there are soem more libertarian Conservatives who are glad to see it, but obviousl there are also comments like these.
Mr. Gerson, you are a dhimmi, a useful shill for Islam.

Is mr. gerson a closet muslim or merely a "fellow traveler" that will sell them the rope by which to hang us??

"Muslims on our side" is a contradiction in terms.

Islam itself IS the enemy. It is the Anti-Christ of religions.

Mr. Gerson, please tell me how you, as a supposed Christian, (or anyone else, for that matter) can corroborate the claims of Muhammad?

And if you cannot, then why do you defend them?
Just a sampling. I particularly hate the one about "Muslims on our side is a contradiction in terms." Just flat out hatred. That last one just baffles me. There are all kinds of religious beliefs I can't corroborate; that doesn't mean I forbid them.

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