Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Drown them in Cliches

Scott Wheeler's latest article was written with the aid of Buckley Carlson, and it is weak. Just a collection of pithy sayings and non-sensical assertions. For one thing they seem to think that there's nothing wrong with burning the Koran.
There were no Korans burned or mosques opposed before the Islamic terrorists burned nearly three thousand Americans. And yet, we are not supposed to burn the book they say inspired them to do it…or there will be more violence, Obama and Hillary Clinton tell us. Let’s get this straight: not burning the Koran lead to the burning of nearly three thousand Americans. And now, burning the Koran – we are told – will lead to more Americans dying?
What incredible stupidity that statement reveals. First of all, let's dispense with the notion that America was just sitting around minding it's own business when the terrorists involved. We have been involved in the Middle East for decades. At the very least we are staunch allies with Israel. There are valid or at least defendable reasons why we have done these things, but they are at least one source of Islamic Terrorists actions.

Secondly, dumkoffs, the situation is different now because we have stationed troops in the middle east in far greater numbers than ever before. Deciding to take actions, which should be offensive to decent people even if there were no downsides, has greater risks when you think about the troops serving in those parts of the world.

The pair suggest that Rauf threatened violence if he didn't get his way with the Mosque (he didn't). They then suggest that since the Media believes the Tea Party to be violent (they don't), they should follow the pattern established by treating Muslims as American Citizens worthy of respect (which they see as a terrible concession), and give the Tea partiers whatever they want (omg).

Oh and we should dump Obama.
What puts more American lives in danger than burning a Koran in Florida? Answer: having an unqualified, anti-American street punk for a president! So, if you liberals take Obama at his word, then you must call for his immediate resignation with the same enthusiasm that you are now denouncing the kookie Koran-burner.
Street Punk? That's subtle. Except of course that, my dear dunderheads, most Liberals don't see Obama as all that threatening.

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